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Gui Teng after-sales service follow-up:
In the normal use of expensive stage lighting products, the product if there are quality problems, your company will provide the following services:
1) within 7 days from the date of delivery of the product, the Division I repair service center to confirm the fault is true, you can choose to enjoy the return, replacement or free maintenance services or free replacement parts.
2) Within 60 days from the date of delivery, you may choose to enjoy replacement or free repair service or free replacement parts.
3) within 12 months from the date of delivery of the product, you can enjoy free maintenance or free replacement parts; more than 12 months can enjoy life-long maintenance services.
4) The above interpretation is owned by the company.


Guiteng pre-sale service follow-up:
Pre-sales technical support includes:
1) understand customer needs, and provide value-added services
2) the development of technical solutions in the sales work
3) professional and reasonable configuration of the list of production
4) positioning map production
5) the production of dynamic plans of key customers
6) technical training


Gui Teng sale in the service follow-up:
Technical support in sales includes:
1) professional technical solutions
2) professional installation and commissioning
3) professional on-site guidance and training


Customers confirm the order of our products after the order, your commitment to three working days to provide customers with goods model, the sample confirmed, into the mass production, with the daily production of not less than 60 products to ensure that customers

project progress! Delivery logistics company can be specified by the customer, the cost of transport to both parties agreed to prevail!